QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

Niet alleen voor eenvoudige zendapparatuur, maar voor iedereen die van verbindingen met laag vermogen houdt.
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Re: QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

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PE2AAB schreef: 19 nov 2021, 17:02 Hoe heb je het 'issue' met de brom verholpen? Of is deze er nog?
Ik hoor de brom alleen als ik de externe antenne aansluit, op de dummyload is er geen brom. Het maakt niet uit of ik een accu als voeding aansluit, nog steeds brom op buitenantenne (SWR is prima)

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Re: QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

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Ergens een aardlus?
.... But will it blend?

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Re: QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

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Volgens het QRP Labs forum moet dat met een upgrade naar de laastte firmware versie verholpen.
Zie de site van QRP Labs.

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Re: QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

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Na 2 weken wachten, voordat de douane mijn pakket vrijgaf, heb ik hem vandaag eindelijk binnen. Het bouwen kan beginnen.
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Re: QRP Labs - QDX Digital Transceiver

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Voor geïnteresseerden

QDX batch 2 sales will be opened (stock on this page, available to order) at 1800 UT on Friday 17-Dec-2021 http://shop.qrp-labs.com/kits/qdx

Incl revisions (from groups.io)
QDX batch #2 sales will commence at 1800Z on Friday 17-Dec-2021, at http://shop.qrp-labs.com/qdx

QDX batch #2 is 375 kits. Some of these have to be allocated to batch 1 leftovers due to the QRP Labs shop over-selling in last few seconds of the frantic 14 minutes on 11-Oct-2021. There are also several promises to be fulfilled and various other special cases. So the actual number that will be available for general sale will be a bit less than 375. The QRP Labs server has been upgraded to a higher performance machine and so maybe we won't see the same overload issues as last time.

Regrettably, I have to announce a price increase from $60 to $65. The original batch 1 QDX kits were manufactured in January 2020, a whole different world ago. Unfortunately many aspects of the manufacturing and logistics have increased in price. Even the main microcontroller chip STM32F401RBT6 procurement cost me in excess of $5 extra now, compared to the price in January 2020 before the global semiconductor shortage crisis hit. Just check Digikey, Mouser, Arrow etc., and you'll begin to understand the difficulty of finding these at all, at any price. And this is just ONE part of the QDX. So I have no choice, but to pass some part of the cost increase on, by increasing the price of the kit; $65 is the best I can do at this time. The price of Aluminium has also seen large increases since batch 1 and this has affected the manufacturing cost of the enclosure too; however at this time I am not increasing the price of the QDX enclosure. I ask for your understanding on this small increase and let's all hope for better days in the not too distant future.

QDX batch #2 has a new Revision 2 PCB. In particular, Rev 2 PCBs no longer need the four 47uH SMD inductors to be replaced with through-hole components, nor do they need the 220uF capacitor at the DC input, nor do they need the 25MHz TCXO daughtercard installation. So the assembly is easier to do. The full list of changes for PCB Rev 2 is as follows:
The SMD pullup resistors R5, 10, 11, 12 and 14 that pulled up MOSFET gates to +5V were deleted, as they were not necessary.
QDX batch 2 boards will be supplied with firmware 1.03 ready installed (which will be made available for download shortly), which drives 5 I/O pins in Push-Pull mode rather than Open-Drain mode, this is required to be compatible with the pull-up resistor removals mentioned above.
L1, 5, 7 and 9 (47uH SMD) have been replaced with through-hole axial molded inductors that are installed in the PCB properly, like all other through-hole components, rather than tacked on the bottom as a modification.
IC2 (5V regulator) has been replaced by 78M05 which is a very robust regulator and this removes the need for the added 220uF capacitor. Additionally IC1 (AMS1117-3.3), the 3.3V regulator, is now powered at 5V from the 78M05. It is therefore working much less hard with only a 1.7V drop.
The 25MHz TCXO, decoupling capacitor, and coupling capacitor are no longer on a separate tiny TCXO daughtercard; they are now SMD components installed directly on the underside of the board by the SMD assembly factory.
A P-channel MOSFET is added at the DC input socket as reverse polarity protection. The device used is AO3407. It is rated 4.1A and has a specified typical ON-resistance of 34 milli-ohms. At 1A (say) on a 9V QDX the voltage drop will therefore be 0.034V which is of little consequence.
A potential divider circuit added to bias the BPF switch IC3 at mid-rail; this was neglected in the original and does not seem to cause any issues but perhaps in the case of very strong signals, could have a few dB impact on dynamic range.
IC7 has been moved a little further from the board edge following some reports that it could conflict with the PCB rail in the aluminium extrusion; this seems to be a manufacturing tolerance thing since I did not see it on my builds here, but it did affect some people.
Please let me know any comments or questions.

73 Hans G0UPL
Je bent net zo lang gestoord tot je een genie bent - JC

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