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 Berichttitel: firmware voor de mcHF
BerichtGeplaatst: 19 jun 2020, 10:07 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
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Image1.jpg [ 97.06 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]
De firmware voor de mcHF wordt steeds verder uigebreid/verbeterd,

zie deze update's door Yuri / UB8JDC in de FW versie's 2.11.79 , 2.11.82. , 2.11.87

- 2.11.79

1. A full-fledged screen interface with a panorama in the entire width of the display 320 × 240
(for displays 480 × 320, 800 × 480 this has already been implemented).
I did not touch the default interface, only the BndMemory marker disappears if I hide it, see below.
In marketing, this is called "comparative positioning" )).
Switching between interfaces - long press F1 (MENU) if there were no saved configuration changes.
The new interface can be specified as default - the first Display Menu option.
2. Peak indicator in S/PWR meter. It will be further refined, more statistics are needed.
3. Noise Blanker (NB) = 0 - marked as OFF for a better understanding of how noise cancelers work.
NB, if not OFF, is always included in the noise circuit, even if DSP is OFF.
He "stands over the precipice in the rye")).
For iron on the STM32F line of controllers,
the noise suppressors work quite satisfactorily and do not require improvements,
because everything should plow on the weakest percentages.
There is no longer up to Hi-Fi.
Over time, I’ll add a dynamic noise suppressor to the chain (DNL),
which is bluntly played by the bandwidth at the top depending on the level of the useful signal
- and will not infuriate with artifact bulbs and the pipe effect
- for cases when the reception is quite satisfactory but the noise is annoying.
I will call it DNL or DNR.
4. Improved virtual band selection keyboard (see screenshots).
5. Adapted a virtual keyboard for direct dialing of the tuning frequency for the display 320x440
(for displays 480x420, 800x480 this has already been implemented), see screenshots.
You will figure out how it works, everything is simple there.
The keypad is hung by a long press of the touch zone of the "senior" signs of the tuning frequency indicator.
It also works in the default interface 320x240!
6. On the advice of LY3BD, added the “Don't Show BndMem” option to the Display Menu
- hide the BndMemory marker if it interferes.
It is not needed if you are not walking around the entire HF,
as well as if the preservation of frequencies outside the native ranges is prohibited in the Configuration Menu.
7. Added the option “Band +/- BndCh / Jump Swap” to the Configuration Menu
- if you enable it, a short press of BAND - / + will become tied to a frequency jump across the width of the panorama
(I am quietly proud of this my refinement, it’s a very useful thing for a short panorama in 48 kHz), and long
- to change the band. By default, vice versa.
Dramatically improves the efficiency and convenience of working on the air.
And more logical in terms of interface friendliness.
8. At the request of the comrades, covered the “fence” of the panorama grid from above.
In the default interface, I did not do this for marketing reasons )).
9. I put the relative order in the menu - UHSDR made a complete mess in it and ruin.
10. Fixed found bugs UHSDR:
- Curved operation of the USB / LSB touch zone ..., apparently, a very ancient uncorrected jamb;
- bug display settings marker in SPLIT mode. Give an A / B spacing of 6 kilohertz and play with mods, very impressive)).
- a bug with the disappearance of the upper marker of the SSB carrier in a double panorama when changing a mode
(then it appears, for example, when changing USB / LSB), a small but unpleasant bug.

Image1.jpg [ 97.06 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]

Image2.jpg [ 106.9 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]

Image3.jpg [ 97.57 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]

Image4.jpg [ 107.66 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]

Image5.jpg [ 92.72 KiB | 4390 keer bekeken ]


- 2.11.81

- The "Tune Helper" option in the Display Menu is saved in the config,
the "Show CW LED" option at the request of the comrade returned to "ON" by default.
- Peak indicator S/PWR meter
- the delay is spinning (0 = OFF) in the Dysplay Menu -> Peak Ind. Timer, sec. Still needs refinement.
- Added colors in the palette.
Setting the default color of on-screen indicators-buttons
- Dysplay Menu -> Boxes Color.
- Two monochrome firmware, b/w and sepia.
If you cut the style of the "Gray" waterfall, it’s very stylish.
- Encoder reverse capability
- Configuration Menu -> Encoders 1-3 Reverse / Encoder 4 Reverse.
Good help to those who assemble the transceiver.
- Operating mode with the so-called presets (receive frequency, mode, filter settings) MEM.
A very useful thing in everyday life and in production )).
For each range, including the Gen wild zone, 4 presets M1 ... M4 are allocated.
This mode is activated by long pressing F3 (SPLIT).
Preset recording
- long press Mx, using
- short. Short press F3 (MEM)
- call the list of these presets,
and you can work with them without closing the list.
Closing the list
- by short or long pressing F3, in the latter case we exit the MEM mode
(whether the list is open, do not care) to the main mode of operation of the Fx buttons.
- Added tuning steps of 5 and 50 Hz.
- The CW decoder is disabled (if turned off in the menu) in transmit mode.
- Compact U/L sideband display.
- Added missing adjustments for 6m band,
as well as the missing option to adjust the power display at 28 MHz.
- On-screen menu for direct mode selection.
It is called up by a short press on the indicator-button of the mode.
- The mode of working with CW macros has been improved
— the 4th macro cell has been added, and the playback modes have been added
- CYCLED (pause
- CW Mode Settings -> CW MacroCycledInterv, sec, default 3 sec.)
And the BEACON (pause - CW Mode Settings -> CW Beacon Interval, min., By default 3 min.).
Modes are switched by long pressing F5.
Also added "accelerator" macro playback 1, 2 (CW Mode Settings -> CW Fast Macro 1,2).
If enabled, the first 2 macros are played at maximum speed, 48WPM, the 3rd and 4th are set.
The idea is to speed up the "599" and the long "?". However, to whom what. For DX big and warm hello)).
Just in case, who is not in the know
- you can interrupt playback by briefly pressing F5, or starting the transmitting with the key.
- At the request of the comrade, added a battery of CW filters with a width of 100 and 200 Hz.
Himself in shock, how cool they work )).
- Added the ability to enable the S-meter operating mode in AM not by the carrier, but by the useful signal
- Dysplay Menu -> S-Meter NotLO in AM.
- Added the option to disable the "frozen" panorama in TX (Dysplay Menu -> Clear Panoram on TX),
with a large pathos inscription "TX" in the most visible place)).
In SSB OK, in CW for an amateur, I myself did not like it. Up to you!
- At the request of the comrade from Spain, added a touchzone in the RIT indicator
- with a short poke, the RIT is reset.
- Added action for the touch zone to reduce the panorama scale
- with a long poke, the scale jumps to 1: 1.
- SWR protection, if enabled, is blocked at an installed power of 0.5 W
- the detectors cannot cope.
- Fixed bugs found.

- 2.11.87

Some minor corrections and test transmission mode eSSB with a band of 6 kHz.
To do this, select "eSSB 6k" from the "Filter Selection" menu in the "SSB TX Audio Filter2" option.

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BerichtGeplaatst: 19 jun 2020, 17:38 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
De fw-mchf_2_11_87 is voor de volgende mcHF modellen:


deze zijn in verschillende kleur instelling ingedeeld:


Hier de gezipte FW
fw-mchf_2_11_87.zip [6.29 MiB]
32 keer gedownload

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BerichtGeplaatst: 19 jun 2020, 20:55 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
Hier de Pdf-lijst van de settings in de FW 2.11.87m1s, in mijn geval van de R928+,
die je groten deels naar je eigen keuze kunt aanpassen in het settings Menu :)

73 Jan

settings FW .2.11.87m1s for R928+.pdf [124.64 KiB]
41 keer gedownload

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BerichtGeplaatst: 02 jul 2020, 21:36 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
FW 2.11.87m3.zip [4.77 MiB]
32 keer gedownload

Hier een update / bug fix van Yuri van zijn FW 2.11.87m3

Fixed a freezing bug of the peak indicator and some little.

73 Jan

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BerichtGeplaatst: 02 jul 2020, 21:59 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
Hi All,

Hier de settings aangepast voor CW, zoals Howard K4LXY het ingesteld heeft

73 Jan

settings FW .2.11.87m3s for R928+.zip [145.15 KiB]
23 keer gedownload

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BerichtGeplaatst: 14 okt 2020, 14:32 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
Hier een nieuwe upload van Yuri

Satoryboy (Yuri)

I'm posting a new version of my mod firmware of UHSDR, 2.11.89m1.
Almost all improvements were made at the request and suggestions of colleagues:
- Added on-the-fly "AF GAIN" power control for Gen band.
Useful when working in the civilian CB band.
Since in Gen the power factor is calculated as an approximation between adjustments of 80 and 10 m,
the scaling of the calculated value is adjusted, 100 - 100%.
- Added the ability to select the creeping line colour
- Display Menu -> Ticker Colour.
- Added the ability to select the duration of the edges of the generated CW signal (3, 5, 8, 10 ms)
- CW Mode Settings -> CW Sign.Eg.Smooth, ms.
- In the mode of operation with an external transverter,
a full-fledged indication of the tuning frequency up to the 76 GHz range has been made
(at an offset from 500 MHz, its step is coarse to 1 kHz and the adjustment step increases by 3 orders of magnitude).
Also added F-menu of transverter presets for 4 cells.
The menu is selected in the F-menu "carousel" by long presses of the M1 button,
see the screenshot below. F1, F2, F4, F5 buttons are responsible for memory cells. Long press
- save transverter mode settings, short press - call.
Short press of the F3 button - enable / disable the display of the cell list,
long - disable the transverter mode and return to the main F-menu.
Long press M1 you can call any F-menu, keeping the transverter mode.
- Found bugs fixed.

2_11_89m1_ltd.zip [2.14 MiB]
6 keer gedownload

73 jan-nl

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BerichtGeplaatst: 14 okt 2020, 19:09 

Geregistreerd: 21 apr 2006, 19:09
Berichten: 1268
Woonplaats: IJsselstein

weet alleen niet of de changes daar ook te vinden zijn.

IC7851; IC202S; TH-F7E; MD380; IC7000(+4m); IC7300; IC9700

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BerichtGeplaatst: 17 okt 2020, 20:24 

Geregistreerd: 01 dec 2013, 11:12
Berichten: 22
Hier de laatste update van Yuri voor de mchf 512
het is een full oftewel FreeDV en ook alle banden open

2_11_89m1_512k_full.zip [254.17 KiB]
1 keer gedownload
:D :D :D

73 jan-nl

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